What Teens Can Learn From DC’s Stargirl

Adolescence can be rough. It isn’t clear when a teen should take on adult responsibilities, and when a teen should understand that he or she is not ready. DC’s Stargirl, a show that has been broadcast on the CW Network over the past couple of years, hones in on this problem in a clever way. The series gives its young viewers guidance on how they should handle matters at home and at school.

Courtney Whitmore

Created by Geoff Johns, Courtney Whitmore is a regular high school student who deals with everyday teen issues. It isn’t until she discovers the Cosmic Staff that she develops superhuman powers and becomes Stargirl. From there, she has trouble balancing her high school life with her crime-fighting life. She also isn’t sure if Starman is actually her father and if she is an “authentic” superheroine. These troubles cloud her mind throughout the beginning of the series, but she eventually learns to pull it together.

Justice Society of America

DC’s Stargirl isn’t all about Stargirl. Courtney gathers other youngsters from her high school to form a new Justice Society of America. The majority of the members are social outcasts for different reasons, and Courtney attempts to get them to believe in themselves. The teens’ adoption of their new personas illustrates their inner strengths, which they could only find by working together.

The Justice Society functions very well when it comes to teamwork. However, the members’ naivete becomes obvious as they fight against the Injustice Society, a group of elder statesmen who have more experience. The teens had little confidence when they were living regular lives, but they become somewhat overconfident in their new position. Pat Dougan helps the Justice Society understand pacing, learn from their mistakes and hone their abilities.

Injustice Unlimited

The second season of DC’s Stargirl takes a different turn, as high school and crime-fighting are no longer separate worlds. The new team of villains, Injustice Unlimited, is made up of Courtney’s classmates. At this point, the Justice Society has already garnered some experience fighting people who are far older than them, while Injustice Unlimited proves to be disorganized and directionless. Unlike Stargirl and her friends, the new villains do not learn from their mistakes and reap the consequences.


DC’s Stargirl shows how important it is for young people to watch every step they take. It also shows that when people come to terms with their strengths and weaknesses, they can accomplish a great deal.

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