Top Best Museums in Amsterdam

Amsterdam is home to several museums known all over the world. If you happen to tour Amsterdam, your trip is not complete if you haven’t visited any museums. The museums display a wide range of things, from cats to amazing photography for every interest.

To visit these museums and galleries, you can use a city card, which will save you significant money. Amsterdam has been receiving visitors from all over the world and many of them have been using the card as a visitor pass for discounted entries to museums and galleries.

Museums in Amsterdam

Some of Amsterdam’s best and top museums include the Rijksmuseum, Rembrandt House, Stedelijk museum, and the moco museum among many others. Amsterdam also has free public transport for visitors who come to see its fossils and ancient richness.

The Rijksmuseum has a diverse collection ranging from eight centuries of history. Many visitors of Amsterdam are visiting to view works from the seventeenth century by the Dutch master painters. The Dutch works are the most famous in the history of Amsterdam. The Stedelijk museum is home to art aging over 150 years old.

Nemo Science Museum

The Nemo science museum is the largest museum in Netherlands and Amsterdam. For every visitor who has come to feast their eyes on the museum, another clear view of the world will make you appreciate its creations. The museum holds microbes that move around, eat and reproduce. However, you can view it through the specially designed 3D camera for a better experience.

The Free museums

Some of the museums include the Amsterdam city archives, which houses an enormous collection of treasure of the history of the world. These range from the period rooms down to the fantastic exhibition downstairs in the underground vault belonging to a former bank. Other free museums include: 

  • Rijksmuseum free accessible gardens designed by Pierre Cuypers
  • Rijksmuseum Schiphol
  • The open space art museum (OSCAM)
  • Ons’ Lieve Heer Op Solder Sunday mass
  • The gassan diamond factory
  • The architecture center (ARCAM)


Apart from the previously named museum Amsterdam there are more museums that will require you to use the I Amsterdam city card and there are others that you can visit for free. They too have endless canals and beautiful works of architecture. Walking around these museums is like exploring the open air because of the outdoor exhibitions that are part of these museums. Visit Amsterdam museums and get a thrill of the best sceneries that Amsterdam has to offer.

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