Today’s Upright Pianos and Grand Pianos Are Different in Important Ways

While pianos are notably large musical instruments, some of them can be particularly challenging to effectively transport. Musicians who prefer using upright pianos instead of grand pianos sometimes choose them because upright pianos are not as large as the alternative. 

Classic Pianos

The musicians who like to use grand pianos often include concert pianists. Upright pianos are used by different professional musicians, and they are often seen in auditoriums. 

However, grand pianos are not just larger versions of upright pianos. The strings of grand pianos are all strung in a horizontal position. In an upright piano, the piano strings get positioned vertically. If they didn’t have this design, it wouldn’t be possible to make the upright pianos as relatively narrow as they are. 

Grand pianos have more in common with older pianos, while upright pianos are sometimes considered more modern. Musicians may prefer playing certain historic musical pieces on grand pianos, since these pianos are comparatively similar to pianos from somewhat earlier eras. 

Selecting Instruments

Pianists will usually only have one piano at home. They might have some portable keyboards that they will use in order to practice their work more casually, but they’ll frequently still have a single full-sized piano that they can use. These people may not need to move multiple instruments. 

Experienced piano movers Seattle-based can relocate both grand pianos and upright pianos. When musicians are scheduling the move, they should mention the exact type of piano that currently needs to be moved. Knowing the pianos exact weight and other specifications can also be very helpful. 

However, even mentioning that the piano in question is an upright piano rather than a grand piano can be significant. Upright pianos can have a simpler design compared to grand pianos, which will already have an effect on the piano moving process. 

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