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Stella McDaniel
Jan Piecha gained a location as a finalist with their picture of three youthful raccoons, titled “Secrets.” 
Jan Piecha/Comedy Wildlife Pictures Awards

Since the competitors started in 2015, the Comedy Wildlife Images Awards have captured some of the funniest moments in the animal kingdom. This year’s winners and finalists include things like a clumsy elephant mud tub, a gossiping gaggle of raccoons, and a younger otter’s swimming lesson.

A panel of judges reviewed thousands of submissions from photographers around the globe ahead of picking out the winners for each and every of the groups, which include air, sea, and land animals. The winning impression for the people’s alternative award class is left up to customers of the public. The general winner gets a handmade trophy from Tanzania and a weeklong safari in Kenya, per Rachel Treisman for NPR.

This year’s grand prize winner was Ken Jensen, who claimed the best location for his image titled “Ouch!” of a male golden silk monkey in China. John Speirs won the Affinity Picture People’s Option Award for his picture of a pigeon becoming smacked on the confront with a leaf, and Arthur Trevino won the Animals of the Land classification with a dramatic shot of a faceoff among a prairie pet and a bald eagle, experiences Well known Photography‘s Harry Guinness.

The contest is far more than a lighthearted celebration of the organic world—it aims to be a device for species conservation. Organizers donate a portion of their contest revenue to conservation projects and this year, proceeds are going to the Gunung Palung Orangutan Conservation Software in Borneo.

“The Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards was born from the have to have for a wildlife photography level of competition that was gentle-hearted, unpretentious and importantly, could make a big difference to animals and our organic environment,” according to the contest organizers. The awards “use humor as a tool to provide audiences in on the broader tale about conservation.”

Following year’s Comedy Wildlife Pictures Awards will open up for entrants in spring 2022. The full list of winners and finalists is accessible on the competition web site.

Here is a assortment of the winning visuals:

General Winner: Ken Jensen, “Ouch!”

A male golden silk monkey sitting on a rope with his mouth open

“This is essentially a show of aggression having said that in the posture that the monkey is in it seems rather agonizing!” writes Ken Jensen, who photographed the golden silk monkey in Yunnan China. 

Ken Jensen/Comedy Wildlife Images Awards

Creatures Less than the Sea Award: Chee Kee Teo, “Time for college”

A mother otter grabs a baby otter by it's scruff

River otters are outstanding swimmers, but ought to 1st learn the skill from their mother when they are just a couple of weeks aged. 

Chee Kee Teo/Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards

Remarkably Recommended Winner: Jakub Hodan, “Treehugger”

A male Male proboscis monkey pressed his nose into a tree

Male proboscis monkeys use their fleshy noses to draw in mates, and researchers suspect individuals large schnozzes could help amplify the species’ calls. 

Jakub Hodan/Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards

Creatures on the Land Award: Arthur Trevino, “Ninja Prairie Pet!”

A small prairie dog and large bald eagle face off in the snow

“When this Bald Eagle missed on its try to grab this prairie pet dog, the prairie puppy jumped in direction of the eagle and startled it extensive enough to escape to a nearby burrow,” writes photographer Arthur Trevino.&#13


Arthur Trevino/Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards

Incredible World-wide-web Portfolio Award: Vicki Jauron, “The Pleasure of a Mud Bathtub”

An African elephant takes a clumsy mud bath

“An elephant expresses his joy in using a mud tub from the dead trees on the shores of Lake Kariba in Zimbabwe on a very hot afternoon,” writes photographer Vicki Jauron. 

Vicki Jauron/Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards

Highly Recommended Winner: Chu han lin, “See who jumps superior”

Two colorful Mudskippers jumping

These mudskippers, which had been photographed in Taiwan, are capable of remaining out of the h2o for up to 60 hrs as lengthy as they continue to be moist.

Chu han lin/Comedy Wildlife Images Awards

Highly Recommended Winner: Pal Marchhart, “Peekaboo”

A brown bear hiding behind a tree trunk

Brown bears have really variable coat hues, ranging from grayish-white to almost black.

Pal Marchhart/Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards

Very Commended Winner: Lea Scaddan, “Missed”

Two male kangaroos kicking and punching each other in a grassland

Western Grey Kangaroos are acknowledged for their “boxing” capabilities, as males struggle to build dominance or get a mate. 

Lea Scaddan/Comedy Wildlife Pictures Awards

Creatures in the Air Award and Affinity Image People’s Alternative Award: John Speirs, “I guess summer’s over”

A pigeon on a ledge with a brown leaf on its face

Pigeons found in towns are descendants of domesticated pigeons, which were originally bred from the wild rock dove, a species that obviously inhabits sea cliffs and mountains.

John Speirs/Comedy Wildlife Images Awards

Remarkably Commended Winner: Andy Parkinson, “Let’s dance”

Two bear cubs play near a stream with their paws up

“Two Kamchatka bear cubs square up for a celebratory enjoy battle obtaining properly navigated a raging torrent (small stream!),” writes photographer Andy Parkinson. 

Andy Parkinson/Comedy Wildlife Pictures Awards

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