Best camera for black and white photography

Stella McDaniel

When looking for the best camera for black and white photography, you’ve got a fair few decisions to make. Do you want to produce monochrome images in-camera, or are you more comfortable shooting as normal in color and then converting after the fact? Or, indeed, do you want to shoot digitally at all – many monochrome enthusiasts prefer using film cameras, trading away convenience in favor of superb latitude and distinctive character.

For this reason, our guide to the best black and white cameras spans a fair few different categories, and we’ve split it into sections to make things easier. First, we deal with specialist digital cameras that shoot monochrome images only. The key advantage of these models is that they have actually had their color filter removed, which results in images of superior sharpness and clarity. However, there’s not only the obvious trade-off that you’re stuck with black and white only – there’s also the fact that these cameras are notoriously expensive.

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