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Example: Sartre believes that human free will is incompatible with the existence of God. Yes, this argument is valid.

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Updated June 02, In argumentationa conclusion is the proposition that follows logically from the major and minor premises in a syllogism. Sound arguments always have true conclusions. I need to get a flu shot. The "Ad Hominem" Fallacy This fallacy is committed when an argument or position is rejected not in virtue of its logical merits, but rather in virtue of the character, personality, background or motivation of the person giving the argument or holding the position.

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When to Use a Syllogism Syllogisms are very abstract representations, and you rarely see them outside of formal logic and analytic philosophy. Things are whatever I call them. And finding premises requires more thought than merely listing all of the other non-conclusion sentences verbatim.

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Who holds a belief has nothing to do with whether or what is conclusion in philosophy it's true. Therefore, Yoda is a Jedi.

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Logical Structure—We have been studying formalized arguments that have valid or cogent structures. So the rest are premises. The Earth is round.

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If all of them are true regardless of the conclusionthen the argument is factually correct. An argument is a group of statements including one or more premises and one and only one conclusion.

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Therefore, materialism is false. Consider: Christina Aguilera loves all of Eminem's lyrics.

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Those people whose opinion agrees with the facts are correct, those who have other opinions are incorrect. No Republicans are suitable to be president because no Republicans are in support of gay marriage.

But if premise 2 were correct, then the conclusion would be correct as well. For example, many liquor ads are based on the following syllogism: Women like men who buy [this brand of alcohol].

Therefore, the governor is lying about how much he paid in state taxes last year. See the linked webpages and the lectures eureka homework help Reconstructing Arguments for more information.

All arguments with this form what is conclusion in philosophy invalid. Example: God exists, because it says that God exists in the Bible, and everything in the Bible is the true word of God. Break the conclusion down into subject and predicate.

III. The Importance of Syllogisms