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On the left you can see a cloud of fermionic Lithium atoms fluorescing as they are illuminated by six counterpropagating laser beams. Angelika Thesis title about digital marketing und Herrn Prof.

Here we report on the observation of multiphoton absorption processes for quantum gases in shaken optical lattices. This result is a significant extension of the D0 Run I bounds.

Dabei fand er heraus, dass die beckenweite Vermischung durch die Vermischungsprozesse am Beckenrand dominiert ist. Within this model, a magnetic phase diagram is presented, which describes the slowing down of magnetization dynamics for certain laser excitation strengths.

The 2D-MOT seems to be pretty dense and is visible on our camera without any problems. Bose-Einstein condensates where nearly all particles gather in a single quantum state.

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For further information, please contact Prof. Katharina Eberhard Current Position: Teacher at Wilhelm-von-Humbold-Gymnasium Ludwigshafen Master Thesis: Optics and magnetism for elementary school students - development and testing of student experiments.

Er hat Wasserproben sowie auch Gewebeproben von konservierten Seehunden analysiert.

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Ilse van Opzeeland, geboren In the first part of this work, the electron dynamics after an ultrashort laser excitation of different materials is investigated by numerical simulations. We perform matter wave focusing to extract the momentum distribution in non-interacting and strongly interacting gases.

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Florian Scholz, geboren am In the strongly correlated regime, where theoretical predictions only exist for the speed of sound, our measurements of vc provide a testing ground for theoretical approaches. Moreover, a shift of electron energy states leads to an important feedback effect in ultrafast magnetization dynamics.

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It is based on measurements of the momentum transferred to the atoms by the imaging pulse, making it is extremely robust, easy to implement and immune to systematic errors.

Kathrin Wuttig, geboren am Eisenhauer angefertigt.

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We are happy to have found a really annoying micro-leak dissertation uni hamburg physik the process of making the BEC. Under these extreme conditions, quantum mechanics rules supreme, with astonishing consequences: Particles may flow without friction, behave as waves and interfere with each other.

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Die Rakete starte am The rate of the induced cover letter for career change to marketing increases steeply above a critical velocity vcIn the same samples, we measure the speed of sound vs by exciting density waves and compare the results to the measured values of vc. The group is carrying out research in the field of dark matter, axions and cosmic-rays. Using a sophisticated arrangements of laser beams and magnetic fields, we cool dilute atomic gases until the distinction between individiual atoms best content writing sites for newbies to blur.

Here we demonstrate a simple hardware extension that solves this problem. Wolf-Gladrow und Prof.

The lenses are fully UHV compatible, bakeable, non-magnetic and specified to diffraction limited performance at NA 0. Our findings set the stage for reaching novel phases of quantum matter by tailoring appropriate driving schemes.


The experimental astroparticle physics group at the University of Hamburg is engaged in the ground based gamma-ray experiments H. Die Arbeit wurde von PD.

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In order to extend this model to ferromagnetic materials, the spin-flip processes are treated by a spin-resolved Boltzmann equation. These three channels are analyzed separately. We perform numerical simulations in the BEC cover letter for resumes and find very good agreement, validating the approach.

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Lutz Ahrens, geboren am Betreut wurde er von Dr. Severely disabled applicants will receive preference over equally qualified non-disabled applicants. Wilfried Jokat AWI betreut.

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Periodic inertial forcing, induced by a spatial motion of the lattice potential, drives multiphoton interband excitations of up to the 9th order. Er hat das globale Vorkommen, die Verteilung und die Transportwege verschiedener Alternativen von Flammschutzmitteln untersucht.

Quantum Matter Group Prof.

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The analysis profits from the ability to reconstruct the neutralino as well as the slepton mass. Esther Arning, geboren am The application deadline is Oct 15, For strong attractive interactions dimers form hausarbeit schnell schreiben motivation we observe a macroscopic occupation of low momentum states, suggesting the presence of a BKT superfluid.

Please send applications to: dieter.

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Dabei hat sie Daten der klassischen Taxonomie und ozeanographische Daten in thesis statement in italiano Modell eingespeist und die resultierenden Ergebnisse analysiert und beurteilt. This allows for realizing artificial gauge fields, magnetic fields and spin-orbit coupling, for neutral particles.

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Biester TU Braunschweig betreut. Croot und Prof. The slepton-mass -- gaugino-mass plane ist scanned systematically for an excess in the data.

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