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Dissertation Abstracts International, 57 09A In the context of influence, the study examines how national and international influences have competed for dominance in PNG.

Find Dissertations - Higher Education - Research Guides at Saint Louis University Libraries The analysis of the emerging education policy priorities, both at the local and sub-regional level reveal that, although the identification of these priorities benefits significantly from public inputs throughout the sub-region, they nonetheless show significant resemblance to many of the currently powerful themes promoted by development agencies such as the World Bank.

Dissertation Abstracts. How principals and teachers respond to states' accountability systems Author: Hyemi Lee Advisor: Susan Printy Since the s, many states have started implementing standards-based reforms and developed their own accountability systems. The goal of these recommendations is to create more inclusive campus environments for gay Latino students and students with multiple marginalized identities.

This perspective is illustrated by showing ways students experience the borderlands between gay and Latino as well as college. Gonyo Advisor: Dr. The findings creative writing and literature phd organized in individual narratives addressing each of the research questions, the conceptual framework, and the three commonplaces of narrative inquiry.

Each case was unique; however, there were common themes across the proofreading dissertation tips cases.

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However, they believed standards-based reform has floundered in its implementation because policymakers, uninformed about classroom realities, set policies promoting unrealistic expectations resume human resources skills affect the curriculum, instructional practices and the quality of student learning adversely.

Using a qualitative case study design, this study explored the schooling experiences of girls in one urban and one rural public primary school in Kisii district, Western Kenya. Link to abstract and full text pdf. Recommendations are provided for the NCAA, academic counselors, Athletic Departments, coaches, and faculty members with the goal of writing an essay paper these different constituencies to understand areas where their behaviors could change in order to assist student-athletes with managing the multiple responsibilities, demands, and expectations of their role.

For the purpose of this study, the researcher chose a longitudinal, descriptive, quantitative research design using secondary data. In playing these parts, they performed informative, supportive, and active roles that were congruent with Mintzberg's information, people, and action planes. Dissertation Abstracts International, 57 10A Success Stories: Biographical narratives of three women school principals in Kenya Author:Damaris Moraa Mayienga Advisor: Susan Printy Studies indicate that women are poorly represented in school leadership across the various regions of the world particularly in developing countries.

Correlations are drawn from scenarios shared by principals as to which theory decisions represented. The perceptual differnce in roles and responsibilities of special education paraprofessionals. Additionally, there are implications for practice for faculty, staff, students, and administrators — the foremost of which is the need for greater religious literacy in all roles and at all levels of higher education.

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Conclusions both support and challenge existing theoretical literature relating to large-scale, high-stakes examinations and small states. Kristen Renn Students who matriculate law school bring with them their mental illness which influences their law school experience.

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However, very little is known about student engagement in online learning at the community college level. Each focus group was composed of four girls.

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Institutions should provide extended hours for in-person and online tutoring services. Dissertation Abstracts International, 64 01A The study reveals that these small economies have turned to regionalisation and functional co-operation in an attempt to better prepare their citizens to take greater advantage of emerging global economic opportunities.

The roles and positions of teaching assistants in two urban primary schools: an ethnographic study of educational work and social change Doctoral thesis, Institute of Education, University of London Trahms, C.

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Matthew Wawrzynski The purpose of the current study was to explore the academic resilience of Black, first generation, low-income college students at a particular Predominantly White Institution PWI. The findings of this study reveal that while board of governor members had a poor understanding of the partnership policy and this constrained implementationthe professionals and dissertation abstracts international education did little to help them understand it.

Traditional students use course management significantly less than Nontraditional students.

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In particular, there is a dearth of research on successful African American males attending urban research universities. Drawing on three bodies of research literature, concerned with donor supported country systems, classroom interaction, buy a custom essay live evaluation, this dissertation tests the theory that failure to weave insights from all three perspectives together, when formulating policies, is a root cause of poor results.

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Dissertation Abstracts International, 63 09A Alongside gender socialization and self-image, this study highlights the role of protective family capital that contributed to the women's development of self-discipline; a virtue that enabled them to sail above the constraints of the patriarchal society in which they grew up.

An investigation of the role of paraeducators with students with mild disabilities.

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Steven Weiland This research study examined how faculty understand the term global citizenship, and the ways in which their understanding of this term provides meaning for their work. The purpose of this study was to provide instructive insights from African American male students who did well academically, maximized their college experiences and successfully earned baccalaureate degrees.

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Although several studies focused on whether these differences are related to students' achievement and teachers' instruction, little is known about how principals respond to accountability systems, although principals make a big difference in teachers' instruction and students' academic outcomes. Special Issue, The study reveals that the reform was largely centrally designed and the ability to fund it rests with the donor agencies.

A qualitative inquiry into the roles and responsibilities of paraeducators who support students with severe disabilities in inclusive classrooms. Students who possess one or more of these characteristics are categorized as Nontraditional students.


It is important to recognize the role of the college in the implementation of online techniques and strategies that can serve to engage students effectively in the online learning environment. Pittsburgh: University of Pittsburgh.

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Study participants interpreted their understandings of institutional barriers as they perceived and experienced them, and strategies they used to reduce or eliminate these barriers.

In conclusion, this study raises concerns over the quality of their leadership and its implications for schools in the local context. Ethnocentrism is applied to explore the place of indigenous knowledge in educational policies and practices - and how this impacts on behaviours of both parents and pupils towards schooling.

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Dissertation Abstracts International, 65 08A Findings from this type of research may aid instructors and institutions on how best to develop and offer their online courses. Many writers argue that if small states are to fully utilise their limited human resources to cope with these challenges, take part in any global sharing and communication of knowledge, and exercise greater control over their own writing an essay paper, then the expansion of post-compulsory education is vital.

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Five overarching themes emerged from the data regarding how student-athletes perceive their academic and athletic roles: 1 Two interconnected roles; 2 Part of an elite group; 3 Athletic role is more reinforced than academic role; 4 Stereotypes; and 5 Career decisions: A backseat to athletics. The more at-risk characteristics a student dissertation abstracts international education, the less likely they will persist in college.

AAG Lavadenz, M. The implications of the Free Primary Education for girls' educational opportunities in Kenya: A case study of girls attending public schools in Kisii district, Western Kenya Author: Sheba Onchiri Advisor: Christopher Dunbar Reforms aimed at meeting the Education for All EFA global initiative have been implemented in several developing countries in the recent past.

Woodman, D.

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California State University Fresno. Further, it was not known whether Nontraditional and Traditional community college students feel equally connected to the college when using social networking software for school purposes. In the light of the small-state literature, the thesis critically evaluates recent developments in tertiary education in the two largest groupings of small states — the Caribbean and the South Pacific.

This is done with reference to two detailed case studies of community high schools in the Solomon Islands. The data-collecting methods emphasise participant observation, in-depth interviewing and documentary analysis.

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Secondly, a mixed methods approach to data collection was employed. By internal factors Job fair letter of intent mean variables such as self-image and attitude towards leadership.

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